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Favorite white blazer

среда, 11 апреля 2012 г.

Moscow time


The reason of my visit to the Russian capital were RFW and Volvo FW, so that more than half of my time occupied running to the castings, which usually ended with hot coffee in favorite Starbucks. In his spare time, we wandered through the central streets of Moscow, admiring the architectural creations of the era Russian baroque and classicism.
Unfortunately, the weather has not always been gracious to us, a refuge from the snow for us were malls and cafes, where we stayed for hours with my good old friends.
This time I didn't make own cultural program, but aesthetically pleasing yet received, having been at the epicenter of the hottest Moscow events and enjoyed the fashionable atmosphere.
New acquaintances, warm meetings, exhausting clothings fittings, unpredictable weather, stylish guys, liters of hot cappuccino and kilograms of donuts - this is my Moscow Life.