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среда, 17 августа 2011 г.

Small pleasures

There is opinion that the best gift is handmade. When i racked one's brains what to give loved ones on New Year hollidays I suddenly remembered this expression that freed me from the many thoughts and simultaneously made a hostage to the kitchen.
I never liked to cook but I have always loved to please others.
That's why as a gift for the new year for my family and friends, I decided to bake gingerbread house and ginger cookies. I spent in the kitchen for two days, but my efforts were not wasted.
Everyone who tried my creations were in the wild delight. So it all started. Now, periodically I gladden variety of sweets to my darlings. And the other day I made the cake pops. Again, all were satisfied. But I still don't like to cook, I just like to please close:)

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