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суббота, 20 апреля 2013 г.

Sweet Floral New York

On every second Manhattan street, especial in the summertime, you necessarily encounter flower shop and near with it bakery with flavored cupcakes and muffins. I often gladden my close homemade cupcakes, although can't say that I'm big fan baking, but in front of sweets by Magnolia Bakery and Little Brown Chocolate Bakery is impossible to resist. Perhaps these are my most favorite bakeries in New York city on a level with chain stores Dean & Deluca where you also can taste a big variety of sweets from cakes to handmade candies. However, in Dean & Deluca you always find fresh flowers in all colors of the rainbow. What give one more reason visit this place. If you are chocolate gourmet like me you definitely should jump into Belgian chocolate shop - Godiva. And of course I can't help from telling about french macarons cookies, which not so long ago confidently come to items of my favorite sweets. Find these in New York isn’t problem. For me I spotted cute Macoroon Cafe store, but if you never try this dainty I would advise start with the famous French patisserie Laduree, located on Madisson Ave.
Be sure sweet and fragrant life in New York is provided to you as well as a few of extra pounds ;)

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