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четверг, 25 июля 2013 г.

Don't try understand

Erarta Museum and Galleries of Contemporary Art(Saint-Petersburg)/The Guggenheim Museums and Foundation(NYC)/The Museum of Modern Art(NYC)

" You know, many people afraid modern art, afraid don't understand it and looks foolish. It's so sad. Don't need go to the exhibition for unravel something and find right answer. Just try feel it." This is quote artist Nathalie Djurberg from "Interview Russia".I don't familiar with her ​​works but this words are true. I really often hear from my friends that modern art is something strange and unexplained. I'm not always agree with them. Actually I'm a big fan of classical art, but definitely I like modern art for polysemy. It has some meanings and all of them are right just don't need afraid to express yours own version even if you think that artist was drunk when create it.
Anyway I think that uniqueness of this art lies in the way of submission values. Very often artists choose everyday objects for demonstrate world problems, their experiences and thoughts. So if I have possibility visit galery or museum of modern art i do it. 

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